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Who is in Belgium’s new federal government?

© Belga

Belgium’s new federal administration was sworn in on Thursday morning before King Philippe, giving the country its first fully-fledged federal government in nearly two years.

King Philippe swore in a 20-member gender-equal federal cabinet made up of 14 ministers and five secretaries of state (10 Francophone, 9 Dutch-speaking), plus new premier Alexander De Croo, a native Dutch speaker.

The portfolios have been split up between the 7 parties in the so-called Vivaldi coalition: the Flemish and Francophone liberals, socialists and greens and the Flemish centrist and socially conservative CD&V.

The new cabinet features the first-ever female defence minister, the brother of the former premier Charles Michel and a striking comeback by Frank Vandenbroucke, who left politics to pursue a career and academia and is the oldest member of the mostly 40-somethings making up the cabinet.

After leading the country during the height of the Covid-19 crisis, Sophie Wilmès will take on the Foreign Affairs portfolio and has clinched a Deputy PM position. © Belga/Olivier Hoslet

Deputy Prime Ministers

Minister of Health and Deputy Prime Minister: Frank Vandenbroucke, 64 (Flemish socialists sp.a)

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy PM: Sophie Wilmès, 45(Francophone liberals MR)

Minister of Finance and Deputy PM: Vincent Van Peteghem, 39 (Flemish centrists CD&V)

Minister of Justice and Deputy PM: Vincent Van Quickenborne, 47 (Flemish liberals Open Vld)

Minister of Economy and Work and Deputy PM: Pierre-Yves Dermagne, 39 (Francophone socialists PS)

Minister of Public Enterprises and Public Administration and Deputy PM: Petra De Sutter, 57 (Flemish greens Groen)

Minister for Mobility and Deputy PM: Georges Gilkinet, 49 (Francophone greens Ecolo)

Key environmental portfolios went to the green parties, with Groen’s Dutch-speaking Tinne Van der Straeten at the head of the Energy Ministry. Credit: Albert Vicaire/Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA 4.0)


Minister of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development: Zakia Khattabi, 44 (Francophone greens Ecolo)

Minister of Energy: Tinne Van der Straeten, 42 (Flemish greens Groen)

Minister of Defense: Ludivine Dedonder, 43 (Francophone socialists PS)

Minister of the Interior: Annelies Verlinden, 42 (Flemish centrist CD&V)

Minister of Agriculture and the Self-Employed: David Clarinval, 44 (Francophone liberals MR)

Minister of Pensions: Karine Lalieux, 56 (Francophone socialists PS)

Minister for Development and Cooperation: Meryame Kitir, 40 (Flemish socialists sp.a)

The Michel family lingers on with Mathieu Michel, the younger brother of former PM and current EU Council President Charles Michel, appointed secretary of state. © Belga

Secretaries of State

State Secretary for Asylum and Migration: Sammy Mahdi, 32 (Flemish centrists CD&V)

State Secretary for Budget: Eva De Bleeker, 46 (Flemish liberals Open Vld)

State Secretary for Economic Recovery and National Strategic Investment Plan: Thomas Dermine, 34 (Francophone socialists PS)

State Secretary for Equal Opportunities: Sarah Schlitz, 33 (Francophone greens Ecolo)

State Secretary for the Digital Agenda: Mathieu Michel, (Francophone liberals MR)

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times