Abortions without parental approval may soon be legal in Spain
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Abortions without parental approval may soon be legal in Spain

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Underage Spanish girls looking to have an abortion may soon no longer need to seek parental consent for the procedure, as the Spanish government is looking to change its abortion law.

Currently, Spanish girls aged 16 and 17 need to receive parental consent before undergoing an abortion following a 2015 reform of the abortion law in 2015.

The repeal was initiated by Spanish Minister of Equality Irene Montero, who said a repeal is “more than necessary”. Montero is tasked with ensuring equal rights and treatment for men and women, and eradicating a different kind of violence against women.

“All women have the right to decide over their bodies,” Montero said.

The proposal for the repeal will need to be approved by a majority in the Spanish lower house or Congress of Deputies in order to pass.

Passing the proposal may prove difficult, as the current governing coalition (Undas Podemos and the Socialist Party (PSOE)) does not hold the majority of votes in the chamber. At the same time, the far-right Vox party holding the third most seats in Congress has suggested it will not support the proposal.

Abortion is legal in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy in Spain. In Belgium, abortion is allowed in pregnancies of up to 12 weeks.

Earlier this year, proposals to widen the Belgian law to allow abortions in pregnancies of up to 18 weeks was met by strong opposition. Leader of the Flemish rightwing N-VA party Bart De Wever called the proposal “truly disgraceful”.

Amée Zoutberg
The Brussels Times