Belgium should have four linguistic regions, argues Di Rupo

Belgium should have four linguistic regions, argues Di Rupo
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Walloon minister-president Elio Di Rupo has suggested Belgium should re-evaluate its "very complicated institutional architecture" to become a federal country made up of four equal, largely autonomous regions.

He highlighted this change could have the merit of simplicity to help strengthen our political system, in an interview published by Le Soir on Monday.

"With the institutional imbroglio that we know, everyone would gain from finding a path of simplification in a federal Belgium, to strengthen the credibility of the political world and the support of citizens for politics," he said.

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He said this model in which people recognise the idea that Belgium is a federal country with four linguistic regions (Flemish-speaking, French-speaking, German-speaking, and bilingual Brussels) which are seen as equals, “would help the population to adhere to our policies."

He insisted that he is not "taking a position, but rather observing", adding: "I am not advocating anything, such as transfers of new competencies to the federated entities, as that’s not my job.”

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