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Striking students to meet Belgium’s party leaders

Francophone Minister of Education Marie-Martine Schyns (CDH) invites party leaders to meet with students on February 27 in Namur, Ms. Schyns said in the Echo on Saturday. She proposes a “big debate” in response to the strike led by the secondary students, who march for climate every Thursday. “We can’t help but address this movement of incredible magnitude,” she said.

“With the organizing authorities, we will invite each secondary school to designate, by vote or voluntarily as they wish, a student representative who will come to Namur on February 27 to ask questions and especially listen to party leaders’ answers,” the minister said, relaying the wishes of principals and networks.

“We will invite party leaders to meet with students. I am convinced that they will want to be present on February 27 in Namur to speak to 400 or 500 students,” Marie-Martine Schyns says. “Today, students want to hear what the parties have to say directly, and not just through the media any more. (…) The parties are in the process of setting up their elections programme, so they must be able to discuss with the young people,” the humanist said.

“Students ask that something be done, so schools should be encouraged to implement concrete actions which students may take part in,” she said.

The Brussels Times