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Belgian socialist party wants to legalise marijuana

Elio Di Rupo, leader of the French speaking socialist party, reiterated his party’s plan to legalise cannabis in Belgium in order to prevent young people being forced to aquire it in a criminal milieu controled by ‘mafia-like’ elements. “We are going to resubmit a legislation to legalize cannabis and we will do everything to get the government to agree,” Di Rupo said in an interview to La Libre.

Meanwhile however the Christian democrats have rallied against the plans. “The cdH will do everything possible to not include the legalization of cannabis (except therapeutic) in the federal government agreement in order to protect our young citizens health,” leader Catherine Fonck exclaimend on twitter.

Interior Minister Pieter De Crem went even further, telling VRT, “I hope the socialist leader did not smoke himself when he made the proposal.”

The Brussels Times