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Dutch political party wants to make tire inflation free

Credit: Wikipedia

Dutch political party, the Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie [VVD], has proposed that motorists should be able to inflate their tires free of charge at all gas stations throughout the Netherlands.

Underinflated tires require additional use of fuel, and this can often result in vehicles being less energy-efficient and producing more pollution due to tires wearing out faster, New Mobility reports.

VVD MP, Remco Dijkstra, told De Telegraaf although tire pumping is often free in other countries, it is not the case in the Netherlands. “You have to use a magnifying glass to find where you can do it for free,” he said.

Dijkstra has suggested that free tire pumping will incentivise drivers to regularly check their tire pressure, benefiting not only the climate but also the driver.

The proposal is a “nice suggestion,” State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management, Stientje Van Veldhoven told De Telegraaf, adding that she wants to further discuss possibilities with the infrastructure industry and offer other tools to make it easier for drivers to check their tire pressure.

Sheila Uria
The Brussels Times