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David Berghmans rewarded for space weather contribution

Members of the international science forum meeting for ESWW (European Space Weather Week) have rewarded Dr. David Berghmans for his work. The Belgian who works at the Royal Observatory of Belgium was awarded the Marcel Nicolet medal for his efforts in developing and supporting the scientific community in the field of space weather.

“David Berghmans initiated Belgian and European programmes in the field of space meteorology. Indeed, space weather research progressed greatly following the launch of the SOHO space probe (SOlar and Heliospheric Observatory) in the 90s. Belgium’s contribution to the project (via an ESA /NASA collaboration), the EIT telescope, was crucial,” explains the press release.

The Belgian scientist also created the Belgian Centre for Space Meteorology in 2000. “The centre is now an essential part of an international network. He remains successful to this day through his contributions to many space weather projects since the start of the 21st century in particular. Thanks to, amongst others, David Berghmans and his team, Belgium has become a world leader is the field of space weather,” reckoned the scientists.

Space meteorology concerns itself mostly with the scientific study of the effects of solar activity on our environment.

(Source: Belga)