Motorhomes: ‘personal bubble on wheels’ see booming sales

Motorhomes: ‘personal bubble on wheels’ see booming sales
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Motorhome sellers in Belgium are reporting a boom in sales as locals seek a way to enjoy the summer from their own “personal bubble on wheels.”

This increased demand mainly comes from so-called ‘Zaventem customers’: people who normally take the plane to a destination that cannot be reached by car, according to Dirk Van Eyck, CEO of the seller and reseller Dicar.

“You buy your personal bubble on wheels. You can perfectly control the hygiene, and it offers the flexibility to go wherever you want and when you want. In addition, [they get the] comfort of a holiday home with the freedom and adventure of a tent,” explained Van Eyck.

While Dicar was closed during the lockdown, today business is going well, with the company reporting sales of twice as many cars compared to the same period in 2019. According to Febiac (Belgian automobile federation), in 2019, 8% more motor homes were sold compared to 2018. There is also an increased demand for rental cars, although this remains limited to 5% of Dicar’s turnover.

This increased interest in motor homes, however, is being seen by some as bad news for the aviation sector as a large investment in a motorhome may deter people from flying as much in the future. Camper customers pay an average of €3,500 per year to cover all expenses, that means the investment (about €50,000), the taxes and insurances included, except fuel.

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