Brussels-based agency launches media focusing on the future of travel

Brussels-based agency launches media focusing on the future of travel

A new media was launched today (Tuesday 16 June), focusing on the future of sustainable travel post-pandemic. 

Travel Tomorrow, a flagship brand of Brussels-based Buscardini Communications, will focus on rediscovering the travel experience, sustainable tourism, and the effects of Covid-19 on the tourism industry, which has been one of the sectors most heavily impacted by the pandemic. The first quarter of 2020 saw a loss of over 70 billion euro for the tourism industry.

“We believe it’s important to regain trust, hope, and boost solidarity across cultures,” said founder and CEO, António Buscardini. “A key question for us to address is: How do we achieve balance between urgent sustainability and economic recovery?”

Travel Tomorrow aims to deliver up-to-date content on government measures and recommendations, new health and travel advisories, and other relevant information on travel and tourism.

Buscardini sees the current environment as an ideal moment for significant societal change. “Now is the time to implement critical changes for a sustainable future, which includes responsible tourism,” he said.

Travel Tomorrow will offer a platform for travelers and stakeholders in the tourism industry who have been affected by the pandemic. It will also try to show destinations under a new and fresh light. The global media wishes to establish itself as a unique guide to discover cultural treasures and diverse gastronomy, breath-taking landscapes, all the world has to offer. “We want to stimulate the senses of our audience,” Buscardini said. “We want to awake your imagination.”

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