Eurostar announces £40 direct service from Amsterdam to London
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Eurostar announces £40 direct service from Amsterdam to London

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Passengers looking to travel from Amsterdam to London will no longer be required to stop in Brussels at passport control, Eurostar confirmed on Tuesday.

While direct travel had been possible between London to Amsterdam since 2018, the return journey required riding a Thalys service with a stop off in Brussels to go through passport control and security, before swapping to a Eurostar for the remainder of the trip.

According to reports, this stop added around an hour to the journey, which is now expected to last around four hours from Amsterdam, and three and a half from Rotterdam.

This change in policy allowing for the direct route – which will launch 26 October – is the result of an agreement between Belgium, the Netherlands and France allowing UK border force to be stationed in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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Speaking on the agreement, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel commended the ease of travel it would lead to, despite Brexit.

“This important treaty shows that while we have left the European Union, our links with Europe are stronger than ever,” she said.

“It will enable vital security and immigration checks to be carried out in the Netherlands, protecting the UK’s border and providing faster and more efficient journeys for passengers.”

Tickets will go on sale on 1 September, with prices starting at £40 each way.

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