Ryanair cancels another 20% of its flights in October

Ryanair cancels another 20% of its flights in October
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Irish airline Ryanair will cancel another 20% of its flights in October, the company announced on Friday.

By mid-August, Ryanair had already announced a 20% reduction in capacity. The new reduction will come on top of that.

As a result, Ryanair will offer only 40% of flights in October compared to October last year, rather than the 50% they were hoping to offer.

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The company blames “government mismanagement of Covid travel policies,” due to which “many Ryanair customers are unable to travel for business or urgent family reasons without being subjected to defective 14-day quarantines.”

“While it is too early yet to make final decisions on our winter schedule,” which runs from November to March, “if current trends and EU governments’ mismanagement of the return of air travel and normal economic activity continue, then similar capacity cuts may be required across the winter period,” the airline said.

The airline recently announced that it would cut twice as many jobs in Belgium as previously announced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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