Gas at the pump becomes more expensive from Wednesday

Gas at the pump becomes more expensive from Wednesday
Credit: Belga

Gas at the pump will become more expensive again from Wednesday, the Federal Public Economy Service (FPS Economy) reports on Tuesday.

The maximum price of a litre of 95 E10 petrol will rise by 2 cents to €1.39, according to FPS Economy.

A litre of 98 E5 petrol will cost a maximum of €1.421, or 1.9 cents more than today.

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Fuel prices had fallen at the end of March due to the coronavirus pandemic and a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. At that time, a litre of 95 petrol cost a maximum of €1.142 at the pump at home.

The maximum price has risen by 21.7% since then, but is still below its level before the health crisis.

These prices are the result of fluctuations in the quotations of petroleum products and/or the biocomponents inherent in their composition on the international markets.

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