Brexit: Eurotunnel launches Border Pass freight service

Brexit: Eurotunnel launches Border Pass freight service
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Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Fret announced on Thursday the launch of a new service, Eurotunnel Border Pass, for its carrier customers within the framework of Brexit.

Eurotunnel Border Pass is a virtual wallet, created and secured by Eurotunnel, in which freight carriers can save all the information required for their truck to cross the border from 1st January 2021, Eurotunnel explained.

The pass contains customs references of the lorry's goods, those relating to sanitary or phytosanitary products, whether for the French or British administrations, and the lorry's references - that is to say, its number plate.

Once the lorry has passed through, the information contained in the portfolio is transmitted securely to the computer systems of each competent authority.

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“Our customers know that 1 January 2021 will be a day of change," said Christian Dufermont, Eurotunnel Freight Director.

While the United Kingdom left the European Union in January, the country has until the end of a transition period, set for 31 December, to conclude an agreement with the EU. So far, negotiations between the EU and the UK have not led to a deal.

"We have created the Eurotunnel Border Pass to simplify the border crossing for them, as much as possible, and they have welcomed it enthusiastically," Dufermont said.

"Over the past four years, our goal has not changed: continue to offer our customers the fastest and easiest way to cross the Channel with goods, no matter what the circumstances.”

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