Driving lessons re-start, but will take days to get up to speed

Driving lessons re-start, but will take days to get up to speed
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The federation representing driving schools has welcomed the decision of the Consultative Committee to allow driving lessons to begin again, but warned it will take ‘several days’ for the sector to get up to speed.

Federdrive, which represents the official driving instructors, said its logistic chain would take time to get back to normal after being closed down since the beginning of November. The re-start of driving lessons was the only concession made yesterday by the Consultative Committee. Contact professions like hairdressers, tattoo artists and beauticians will remain closed despite their pleas, as will the entire hospitality industry.

The concession allowed to driving schools came as the result of pleading from the various mobility ministers from the regional and federal governments, which are represented on the committee.

The driving schools can only open up again once the official text of the ministerial decree is published, but in the meantime, driving school can begin work to prepare for the mammoth task of catching up with the backlog of customers waiting for lessons.

Federdrive president Jeroen Smeesters said he hoped the schools would be allowed to begin operations again for a substantial length of time, and not to be faced with closure again in the coming weeks or months.

The sector, he said, has taken a set of precautions, on expert advice, so that lessons can proceed in conditions that are safe for both instructor and learner, he said.

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