Tesla to open network of superchargers to non-Tesla drivers

Tesla to open network of superchargers to non-Tesla drivers

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, gave further details during the earnings call earlier in the week on how non-Tesla drivers eventually will be able to use the company’s network of fast-chargers.

The world’s most valuable automaker which reported a net income of $1,14 billion for the second quarter of 2021, wants the charging sessions to be as quick as possible so that the charging stations will be available for more vehicles.

New users will have to register via the Tesla website and the subscription will be paid for by credit card. Charging rates will be variable depending on how busy it is.

The price of a charge will depend on three parameters; The amount of people at the charging station (the more people, the more expensive), the speed of the charge (the slower the car charges, the longer the station is occupied, the more expensive), and finally the price will also be more expensive at peak times.

The model fits in with the rationing strategy, which aims to encourage electrical vehicle drivers to limit their charging time, for example by only half-charging the battery and completing the rest of the charge at home or at their destination.

Opening up the Tesla charging stations is interesting for electrical vehicle drivers in general, but Tesla owners are less enthusiastic New Mobility reports, as the availability and quick access to the charging infrastructure was a factor for buying a Tesla.

It is not yet clear whether Tesla drivers will have priority in the charging stations. For Tesla itself, it is undoubtedly an opportunity to finally make the (large) investments in its own charging network more profitable.

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