Threat of strike looms over Brussels Airlines

Threat of strike looms over Brussels Airlines
Credit: Brussels Airlines

Actions are threatened at airline company Brussels Airlines after the breakdown of a conciliation on cabin crew workload.

The trade unions are deliberating and strikes are not excluded, “but it is not the intention to punish the passengers,” said Olivier Van Camp of the socialist trade union.

The unions have been complaining for some time about the excessive workload for cabin crew.

The management already proposed the recruitment of twenty full-time equivalents, but the unions say the measure isn’t sufficient.

There was a conciliation meeting on Thursday, but it yielded no results, the airline's management also confirmed.

“We are going to discuss the file this weekend,” said union leader Van Camp.

“We are going to see how we can put pressure on the management, without hitting the passengers hard.”

Any steps will be taken in a joint union front.

Earlier, the unions handed out pamphlets to passengers to denounce the problems with the workload.

They have also called on cabin crew members to take action.

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