Nearly 40 Aldi shops on strike in Wallonia

Nearly 40 Aldi shops on strike in Wallonia
Credit: Belga

A total of 37 Aldi shops in Wallonia were hit by a second staff strike on Wednesday in response to a call from the national employees’ centre (CNE), a spokesman for the supermarket chain told the Belga News Agency.

According to the union, staff at the stores struggle to keep up with the “unreasonable” level of productivity demanded and a general lack of staff. This strike follows on from similar actions held on Saturday, which saw over 30 Aldi stores impacted after negotiations on Friday failed to bring about an agreement between the CNE and supermarket management.

“We are sorry that we cannot serve our customers as we would like and we regret this action while discussions with union delegations are ongoing,” commented Dieter Snoeck, spokesman for Aldi Belgium.

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A new meeting between management and unions is scheduled for Monday.

“We have listened to the concerns and taken measures, such as in-store assistance when introducing new technologies. The dialogue on the number of hours worked – an important point of the demands – is also being conducted in collaboration with the shop managers to see if adjustments are necessary,” Snoeck added, calling initial reactions “positive” but warned they would take time.

On Saturday, the CNE warned that further action could be taken by 8 November. Having been “listened to” by management, the union expected its demands to be “heard”.

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