Jef Colruyt the highest-paid president of "Bel 20"

Jef Colruyt the highest-paid president of "Bel 20"

Jef Colruyt, Chairman of the Board of the Bel 20 group, is the highest paid among the presidents of the Bel 20, published L'Echo on Friday. Last year, he was paid EUR 1.35 million as president but also a further 1.25 million for his role as CEO.  In comparison, Thomas Leysen, Chairman of KBC, was 'only' paid 500,000 euros for the same job. Roland D'Ieteren of the D'Ieteren automobile group, comes in just behind Thomas Leysen with a 430,910-euro wage slip. Bert De Graeve and Paul Buysse, both chairman for Bekaert were paid a total of 360,000 euros.

The average salary earned by a president of a Bel 20 company in 2014 amounted to 208,627 euros, almost identical to the 2013 figure, emphasised L'Echo. The highest salaries are paid to those chairing listed companies whose main shareholders are family-owned companies.

(Source: Belga)  

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