The Saudis could invest 3.7 billion euros in Antwerp port

The Saudis could invest 3.7 billion euros in Antwerp port

A Saudi chemical waste treatment plant could be built on Antwerp port. The Saudi company Energy Recovery Systems is considering investing around 3.7 billion euros. The project could create around 900 jobs. After a market study was performed, the Antwerp port administration council said it wanted to start negotiating with the company. This is because they want it to occupy the southern zone of ‘Delwaidedok’, due to the departure of the marine company MSC. It had been based on the other side of the Escaut.

“The port’s administration council has seen the results of the market study done at the end of last year. On the basis of the applications received, the council thinks that the project submitted by Energy Recovery Systems is the most suitable”, it said on Monday evening. “The port management was asked to speed up negotiations with the Saudi company, and draw up a concession agreement”, he added.

In their first reaction on Monday evening, Energy Recovery Systems said it was very happy that the Antwerp authorities were favourable to their project.

(Source: Belga)

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