InBev investment: “Walloon aid and social dialogue crucial”

InBev investment: “Walloon aid and social dialogue crucial”

Walloon Minister for the Economy Jean-Claude Marcourt was happy with the announcement that InBev would invest 49.8 million euros in the Liege region’s Jupille brewery  on Friday. The initiative was supported by a grant of approximately 4 million euros from Walloon authorities, and was set up thanks to social dialogue within the company, he pointed out.

“This investment, with the help of the Walloon government, makes the production site in Jupille permanent whilst supporting employment in the region,” highlighted the minister. Mr. Marcourt (PS) congratulated everyone involved in the negotiations at the Jupille site.

“This investment confirms the growing role of the Liege production site within the global firm InBev. The collaboration of all involved, management, workers, and union representatives, really helped establish a positive atmosphere leading to today’s 50 million investment and the creation of new jobs in Liege,” he said.

Prime Minister Charles Michel (MR) also rejoiced in the news a few minutes earlier, saying it proves how well the federal government’s efforts to reduce wage costs works.

(Source: Belga)

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