Sustainable kerosene? Rotterdam Airport begins study

Sustainable kerosene? Rotterdam Airport begins study
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Rotterdam Airport is studying the production of sustainable kerosene under a European project spearheaded by the German company EDL.The project should permit the production of airplane fuel from CO2. The carbon dioxide needed for this would be filtered directly from the environment.

Stakeholders see this as “an important step towards CO2-neutral aviation”.

Under the project, a small plant will be installed at Rotterdam Airport with the capacity to produce about 1000 litres of kerosene per day. This will be the first real-life installation of such a plant. Before now, efforts to produce kerosene from CO2 were confined to laboratories, according to the project’s initiators.

Following the study, it will be possible to determine the exact cost of the conversion unit and thus better estimate the price of making sustainable kerosene. The Dutch airline Transavia has already indicated that it will be willing to use such fuel.

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