Users get severe bill from Uber-bikes thanks to fault

Users get severe bill from Uber-bikes thanks to fault
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Users in Brussels of the bike-share Jump, run by Uber, have complained of inflated bills caused by a fault in the system.

In one case, the customer ended his ride and locked the Jump bike up as required, which ought to have signalled the end of his run and the end of payment. However the lock did not close down the run, and the customer was unable to contact the company for three hours.

In the end the hire was closed down remotely, but the meter had been running the whole time, Bruzz reports. “Jump still hasn’t paid me back,” the man told the paper.

Another user in Ixelles was faced with a bill of 45 euros for one ride which should have cost a maximum of five euros in normal circumstances. He complained that the customer service department could not be reached, with callers being forced to use an online complaints form available in English only.

Other users have complained of being charged more than the extra fee of 25 euros for leaving the hire bike outside of the contracted zone

A spokesperson for Jump pointed out that customer help can be contacted using the app itself.

We will look into these cases,” the spokesperson said. “Where the wrong sums have been charged, we will be sure to reimburse the client. We are always looking for ways to make the customer experience better.”

Alan Hope

The Brussels Times

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