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Microsoft gives details on its new Windows 10

Microsoft gave out more details on Wednesday on its latest operating system Windows 10 which is planned to be offered for free to users who are already working on its previous Windows versions. It’s a novelty for Microsoft as it has usually always charged for their new operating systems. The American technology giant also unveiled their plans for the launch of a new web browser. Named Spartan, it is designed to replace Internet Explorer.

Windows 10 is important for Microsoft following the limited success of Windows 8. The group hopes that they will finally find the right formula that caters well for computers, tablets as well as for smart phones.

Windows 10 which the public already got a glimpse of in September aims to find a harmonized solution between the various devices that users use today to access the internet.

The new operating system design is based on feedback from millions of people who tested the draft version. It hopes the new system will be a good platform for developers to design new applications for smart phones, tablets, laptops, fixed office computers and for the game console market such as Xbox, indicated Terry Myerson, vice-president for Microsoft in charge of operating systems during an event at Microsoft’s headquarter in Redmont (north of the United States).

”It should be easy to put aside a devise and resume work on the same or another device and to find yourself exactely where you were at your latest login, technology should clear the way”, he commented.

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that Windows 10 will initially be offered for free during a one year period for users who had one of their two previous Windows versions, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Another notable change foreseen with this launch is that the Microsoft intends to update the Windows 10 version throughout its “life cycle”, virtually turning it into a huge online service.

Additionaly, Windows 10 will also integrate the “vocal assistant Cortana”. It is Microsoft’s response to the Siri service by its rival Apple. Cortana will also be integrated to the new internet web browser, Spartan.

Jonadav Apelblat (Source: Belga)
Business and Technology Editor
The Brussels Times