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Belgium still on target for 2020 Digital Agenda

Belgium has accomplished 7 of its 13 goals mentioned in the European Digital Agenda, one of the 7 pillars of the Europe 2020 strategy, revealed the Belgian Institute of Post and Telecommunications on Friday. No new goals were achieved compared to last year, but progress was made in targets already reached. The agenda, set out in 2010, aims to harvest the potential of information and communication technologies to better stimulate innovation, economic growth, and progress. It sets out 13 goals.

Those already reached are to do with trans-border e-commerce, e-inclusion, on-line promotion of public services, and broadband coverage for all.

Goals yet to be reached include roaming prices at national levels (71% so far); broadband availability – 98% of the population has access already, which means the 100% goal will soon be reached; high-speed broadband access (20% currently); public investment in ICT research and innovation (the aim is to double the 2007 investment, current level being 72%); promoting e-commerce – 48 % of the population are currently buying online, which means Belgium has reached 96% of that target.

The last goal aims to increase SME presence in online sales. They currently represent only 20% of online trade, so Belgium is lagging for this particular goal, having only reached 61% of the target.

(Source: Belga)