Over 700,000 people are homeless in Europe

Over 700,000 people are homeless in Europe
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More than 700,000 people face homelessness in Europe every night, an increase of 70% over the past ten years, Member of the European Parliament denounced Tuesday.

In a resolution adopted almost unanimously, they call on the Commission and Member States to set targets to end homelessness by 2030.

Member States should embrace the principle of housing as a fundamental human right, the elected officials said. Some countries still penalize homelessness, they denounced.

Hungary for example outlawed sleeping on streets in 2018, while in other countries more and more fines are imposed on those who are begging on public spaces and the street homeless.

The series of recommendation approved by the parliament include; ensuring equal access to public services such as health care, education and social services, facilitating integration into the labour market or providing financial assistance to NGOs and local authorities.

Among the Belgian MEPs who voted, only the two Vlaams Belang MEPs voted against.

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