Vaccination certificates to expire after nine months without booster

Vaccination certificates to expire after nine months without booster
Credit: Belga

Those who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus but have not received a booster dose will see their vaccination certificate expire after nine months, according to EU regulations.

The nine-month period will start on the date of the second dose of people’s basic vaccination (or the only dose for Johnson & Johnson). Those who have had a booster will receive a vaccination certificate with unlimited validity.

The new regulation has been approved by representatives of the 27 EU Member States on Friday morning, and will enter into force on 1 February, diplomatic sources told the Belga News Agency.

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However, as individual Member States still have to confirm the regulation, Belgium’s Consultative Committee will have to give it the official green light first.

In Belgium, a valid vaccination certificate is required to gain access to bars, restaurants or events, for example. For those who have not been vaccinated, the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) also allows the use of a negative test result or proof of recovery.

From 19:00 on Friday afternoon, the Consultative Committee will hold a press conference about its latest decisions. While the main focus is expected to be on the introduction of the coronavirus barometer, an adjustment to the CST was also on the table.

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