Extra European summit about Ukraine in Brussels

Extra European summit about Ukraine in Brussels
Charles Michel © Thierry Rogé/Belga

The President of the European Council Charles Michel is calling a special European summit in Brussels to discuss the latest developments related to Ukraine and Russia on Thursday.

The 27 European Heads of State and Government will meet in Brussels on Thursday at 20:00 for an additional summit to consider Russia's "aggressive acts," the invitation states.

"The use of force and coercion to change borders has no place in the 21st century," Michel said.

Earlier this week, the EU already took a first series of sanctions against Russia following the recognition of the eastern Ukrainian "people's republics" Luhansk and Donetsk as independent regions.

In his letter, Michel writes that it is important "that we continue to be united and determined and jointly define our collective approach and actions." He wants to discuss how Russia can be held accountable, but also how Ukraine can be further supported.

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