Wallonia still to map noise levels

Wallonia still to map noise levels

To comply with European regulations, Wallonia was expected to map noise levels near any roads used by more than 3 million vehicles. The map should have been drawn by 2012, but on Wednesday L’Avenir reported that the region is running late. In fact the local government needs this map before it can comply with another requirement: the drafting of a global action plan to fight noise around roads (including railroads).

In 2012 regional authorities launched an invitation to tender for the establishment of the required map. But the Council of State put a stop to the process. Another invitation has since been launched. Things should gain momentum now but it will still take at least a year to finalise the survey, explain Sofico representatives.

The next step will be deciding on a plan of action. This will probably involve buying noise barriers, but in the current financial context there are doubts as to where the money would be found to finance such a purchase.

(Source: Belga)

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