Transport prices: a Belgian tourist complains to the European Commission about Venice

Transport prices: a Belgian tourist complains to the European Commission about Venice

After a stay in Venice, a Belgian tourist complained to the European Commission about the Italian city, several Italian newspapers revealed on Saturday. The individual claims having different prices for residents and non-residents violates articles 12 and 46 of the European treaties. They concern the right to free movement within the countries in the Union. The Belgian tourist noticed a Venice resident only pays €1.30 for a vaporetto journey, while a non-resident has to fork out 7 euros. “Venice is systematically and structurally violating the European treaties”, he says in his complaint, which is dated the 1st of May.

Transport is not the only thing he complains about: he also thinks the fact that museums in Venice are free for residents on Wednesdays is unfair. He also complains that residents can get free Wi-Fi access by connecting to the Venezia Unica portal, while everyone else has to pay 5 euros a day.  

The city has already responded: “this complaint is not the first, nor the last”, said Marco Agostini, General Director of communal services at Corriere del Veneto. “We will give the European Commission the same explanations as before: the price of a vaporetto ticket is 7 euros for everybody, but those who live, work, or study in Venice can buy a Venezia Unica card, which gives them a €5.7 reduction on a ticket. They can also buy a monthly subscription at 31 or 36 euros”.

You don’t necessarily have to live in Venice to get this card, but its price is affected by where you live: its 10 euros for residents, 20 euros for those who live in the Venetian province, and 50 euros for everyone else. It lasts 5 years.

There is also a tourist subscription: 60 euros for a week, 20 euros a day, 30 euros for 2 days and 40 euros for three days.

(Source: Belga)

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