The EU “under threat” from neoliberal, conservative and populist policies
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The EU “under threat” from neoliberal, conservative and populist policies

The EU is “under threat” from neoliberal, conservative, extremist and populist policies, according to the European Socialist Party (PSE). It said it wanted to “get rid of despair” during its yearly conference, which ended in Prague on Saturday.

“These years of misguided austerity measures, increased inequality and insecurity have been a fertile environment for despair”, according to a declaration called “Save Europe”.

The PSE says the “populists are taking advantage of the situation to spread lies, hate and division, as the results of the British referendum and the American election have shown”.

“The extreme right is a sinister reality in numerous countries”, the text continues.

“We have a big task ahead of us over the next few months. There will be key elections in member states in 2017 and after”, according to a declaration by the PSE. The PSE includes Socialists, Socio-democrats and Labour parties from EU countries.

The text also calls on the Turkish government to “return to a credible political process and continue political dialogue”.

At the end of November, Turkish authorities prevented a dozen PSE MPs led by their President, Sergueï Stanichez, from meeting the leader of the main pro-Kurdish HDP party, Selahattin Demirtas. He has been arrested as part of a “terrorism” inquiry.

The arrest has been heavily criticized by the EU and has created tension between Ankara and Brussels.

“We are very worried about the arrest of the HDP presidents and other HDP members being taken into custody. Journalists and human rights activists in Turkey are also in custody”, the PSE declaration says. It also reveals that the “PSE hopes that Turkey remains geared towards the EU”.

(Source: Belga)