European Commission reflects on predictability of flexible jobs

European Commission reflects on predictability of flexible jobs
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The European Commission is working to revise its Written Statement Directive, which gives workers starting out on new jobs the right to be informed in writing on key aspects of their employment. It is also thinking of injecting “a dose of predictability” for those doing flexible jobs.

The European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Marianne Thyssen of Belgium, said on Monday that she aimed to have the new directive on the table by the end of this year. She said she would first consult the social partners, but provided, nevertheless, some insights into the content she wished to include.

The original directive dates back to 1991. Since then the labour market in Europe has undergone an in-depth transformation. Thyssen therefore wants the scope of the directive to cover all workers, including those beginning new jobs and those on short-term assignments. She and her colleagues are also reflecting on updating the list of information that must be given to the incoming worker, such as working hours, probation conditions or overtime rules.

Additionally, the written declaration should also include additional rights such as the right to a certain predictability for people doing flexible jobs or time limits for probationary periods.

In its summer budget, the Belgian Government decided to reintroduce probationary periods for new employees and to extend the system of flexible jobs from the hotel, bars and restaurant sector to retailers from 1 January 2018.

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