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Unemployment down to 9.1% in the euro zone in August

Unemployment in the euro zone, adjusted for seasonal variations, was 9.1% in August 2017, down from 9.9% for the corresponding month of last year and  its lowest rate since February 2009, the European Statistical Office, Eurostat, reported on Monday. The jobless rate in the 28 European Union (EU 28) countries went down from 7.7% in July 2017 to 7.6% in August 2017. This was the lowest rate in the EU since November 2008.

In August 2017, 18.747 million men and women were without jobs in the EU28, 14.751 million of them in the euro zone, according to Eurostat estimates.

The lowest unemployment rates among member states were registered by the Czech Republic (2.9%), Germany (3.6%) and Malta (4.2%). The countries with the highest rates were Greece (21%, in June 2017) and Spain (17.1%). Belgium’s rate was 7.3% or 363,000 persons.

In August 2017, 3.754 million persons under the age of 25 years (16.7%) were unemployed in the EU, including 2.668 million (18.9%) in the euro zone.

The Brussels Times