Olympic athletes get special coronavirus guidelines

Olympic athletes get special coronavirus guidelines
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Participants in the Tokyo Olympic Games will have to follow special rules due to coronavirus according to a guide published by the organisers on Tuesday.

The rules include wearing a mask, as well as no handshakes or hugs.

“If you have been to the Games before, we know this experience will be different in a number of ways,” the 33-page document said, urging athletes to limit contact with other people as much as possible.

Participants will have to wear a mask at all times, except when you are training, competing, eating or sleeping, or if you are outside and can stand two metres away from others, according to the guide.

The document warns athletes subject to these health rules that they could be excluded from competitions if they do not respect them.

“Repeated or serious failures to comply with these rules may result in the withdrawal of your accreditation and right to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.," the organisers warned.

Athletes will be tested at least every four days and if they test positive, they will not be able to take part in the competitions.

Their stay in Japan will be limited to reduce the risk of infection and those staying in the Olympic Village will be required to avoid unnecessary forms of physical contact.

Organisers said Tuesday that they still plan to distribute about 150,000 free condoms to athletes, however.

Athletes will also be allowed to participate in training camps in Japan before the Games, but all travel must be strictly registered and the use of public transport will be subject to authorisation.

They "must not visit tourist areas, shops, restaurants or bars, gyms, etc." and can only go to the official sites of the Games and a limited number of other places, according to the guide.

This guide should be reviewed and updated at least twice before the start of the Games.

It follows the publication last week of two similar guides, the first for sports officials and the second for the press, which also set very strict rules for Covid-19.

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