Summer in Brussels - week 8

Summer in Brussels - week 8

The coolest designers in town : what to do when you need help : how to meet people – summer in Brussels week 8 We are coming to the end of our series on summer in Brussels. The days are getting cooler, but that’s no reason to stay indoors. The city has dozens of inviting places where you can go to watch a film or drink a beer or meet a modern writer. Our advice is to get out as much as you can and make up your own mind about the city. It takes time to understand Brussels properly.


We take a look at the programme for this year’s Design September festival, which runs for most of the month. As well as bringing international and Belgian designers to the city, it offers a chance to get inside designers’ workshops and discover the process of creation from close up.


Some people find it hard to get integrated in Brussels. They can face problems with the two official languages and the complicated administration. Or they might just need to get hold of a plumber in a hurry. Whatever the problem, it can be solved if you know where to go. We provide a guide to organisations that exist to welcome newcomers and help them integrate into the life of the city. 

TIP #8

The city has a fabulous programme of concerts this autumn beginning with a major music festival called United Music of Brussels. Held on 10 September, the event involves three cultural venues, two orchestras and two choirs. They will perform various works in 15 unexpected locations across the city, including a hotel, an art bookshop, a retirement home, a cellar below the Galeries St Hubert and a private house.

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