Heat, high ozone concentrations throughout the day

The Belgian Interregional Environmental Agency, CELINE, has warned of high levels of ozone concentration on Tuesday due to warm temperatures – highs from 23 degrees on the coast and 30 degrees in the centre, weak to moderate winds, and a build-up of pollutants in preceding days.Ozone concentrations should be higher than on Monday, with a risk of exceeding the European information threshold of 180 µg/m³ in localized areas, especially in the centre and east of the country, according to CELINE. Ozone highs should range generally from 125 to 180 microgrammes per cubic metre of air (µg/m³).

On Wednesday, the weather will continue to be hot and could attain 30 degrees in Campine. The day will also be sunny with passing clouds, while the wind will be weaker.

Ozone concentrations could increase and the European information threshold of 180 µg/m³ could again be exceeded, especially in the east.

The maximum concentrations forecast for Wednesday should be 100 to 200 µg/m³.

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