Trump's lawyers to speak at 5 PM on election fraud allegations

Trump's lawyers to speak at 5 PM on election fraud allegations
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President Donald Trump announced on Saturday on Twitter a press conference by his lawyers at 5:00 PM (Belgian time), concerning the electoral fraud that he keeps denouncing.

For several days, the Republican candidate has not stopped denouncing electoral fraud playing in favour of the Democratic camp. He has launched legal proceedings in several key states.

"People were screaming STOP THE COUNT & WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY (As Legal Observers were refused admittance to count rooms)!" he said in an earlier tweet.

No evidence of fraud

According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), however, the U.S. elections went almost without a hitch. Very few complaints were received and there is no evidence of fraud, FEC Chairman Ellen Weintraub told CNN news on Saturday.

There is no tangible basis for authorities in states such as Pennsylvania to believe that fraud may have occurred, Weintraud said. The Federal Election Commission is an independent U.S. regulatory agency responsible for administering and enforcing the federal election financing law in the United States.

U.S. President Donald Trump denounced widespread fraud during the election. However, he has not been able to substantiate these accusations.

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