Oxford/AstraZeneca: UK begins rollout next week

Oxford/AstraZeneca: UK begins rollout next week
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Vaccination of the UK population against the coronavirus will be intensified next week, boosted by the first use of the Oxford vaccine which was recently approved for use in the country.

The new vaccine from Oxford University and the AstraZeneca group will begin a small scale rollout on Monday in hospitals. Later in the week, the vaccine will then be widely distributed to hundreds of vaccination centres run by general practitioners, the health service reports.

The United Kingdom was the first country last month to vaccinate its citizens with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, which is now also approved in the European Union. The NHS says it is still a world-first with the rollout of AstraZeneca's vaccine. "The NHS will be the first health service in the world to provide this life-saving vaccine."

Hospitals are also responding positively to the news. In The Telegraph, a hospital administrator points out that the new vaccine is easier to use than Pfizer's vaccine, which has to be stored at extremely low temperatures.

Additionally, Hundreds of new centres where people can be vaccinated will also open their doors, the NHS public health service reported on Sunday. Currently, there are already about seven hundred vaccination centres.

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