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Over 8,000 evacuated in Germany after WWII bomb discovery

Credit: Flickr/Red Cathedral

More than 8,000 residents of the German city of Göttingen had to leave their homes on Saturday after four World War II bombs were discovered in the city centre.

The authorities have planned reception centres for people who cannot be accommodated by family or friends. The city’s central train station will be closed for part of the day.

The bombs are in a site under construction near the station, and the de-mining service is on the scene.

It is very common to find unexploded bombs in Germany, which was heavily bombed by Allied aircrafts during World War II.

The clearance of such devices is always delicate because of the sometimes very corroded state of the bombs. In June 2012, three deminers were killed and six people were injured when a bomb exploded in Göttingen.

The Brussels Times