Armed former French soldier ‘neutralised’ after day-long manhunt

Armed former French soldier ‘neutralised’ after day-long manhunt
Credit: Belga

In the French department of Dordogne, the search for former soldier Terry Dupin (29) who was on the run since Sunday has come to an end as he was arrested on Monday, according to France’s Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin.

On Monday, Darmanin announced on Twitter that Dupin was “neutralised,” and congratulated the gendarmerie and its GIGN (the gendarmerie’s elite police tactical unit) for their “decisive action.”

According to the government’s top official in the Dordogne region, Frederic Perissat, the man was “wounded by bullets” and is now “in the hands of the fire and rescue service for medical treatment,” reports the Belga news agency.

During the arrest, Dupin “opened fire several times on the men of the GIGN,” said General Pétillot, commander of the gendarmerie in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

“He was still in a suicidal state” and was on the “edge” of the search area, according to Pétillot, who added that Dupin’s injuries were “serious.”

Since Sunday, the GIGN of Toulouse and Satory, in the Paris region, and more than 300 gendarmes as well as teams with dogs, supported by at least seven armoured vehicles and seven helicopters, have been trying to find Dupin, who has taken refuge in a steep, rocky and wooded area, difficult to access, of about 4 km².

Dupin had previously already been convicted four times for violence on his ex-partner, but during the night from Saturday to Sunday he still went to her house. When several police officers who were called for domestic violence arrived, he shot at them.

On Monday, a photo of the man was also circulated in the hope of finding witnesses, and was described as a “dangerous individual, actively wanted for attempted murder,” according to the authorities.

Additionally, he was in the army from 2011 to 2016 and was a member of the Brive infantry regiment. During his flight, was armed with a Winchester 30-30 calibre hunting rifle, which he used several times, seriously damaging gendarmerie vehicles.

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