Burundians ask Europe to follow Belgium’s example

Burundians ask Europe to follow Belgium’s example

Around 150 people took part in a demonstration at the Schuman Round-about in Brussels this morning. They were protesting against the Burundian Prime Minister Pierre Nkurunziza and the current violence in Burundi. They called on European member states to follow Belgium’s example and oppose a third term for Mr Nkurunziza. Brussels MPs Isabelle Durant (Ecolo) and Nadia El Yousfi (PS) and PS MP Stéphane Crusnière all took part. The demonstrators want Pierre Nkurunziza to pull out of the next presidential election, the violence to stop, the right to free press and the right to demonstrate. They also want the immediate release of all political prisoners.

“The situation in Burundi is very serious”, explains coorganiser Latif Rukara. “Pierre Nkurunziza has created an atmosphere of terror to stop citizens expressing themselves. He has been in charge for 10 years now”. “By demonstrating in front of the European Commission, the protestors hope to make other European countries aware of the situation, so they can follow Belgium’s example. Last week, Belgium publicly opposed a third term for Mr Nkurunziza.

(Source: Belga)

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