Tour de France – Safety campaign taking place at railway crossing

Tour de France – Safety campaign taking place at railway crossing

Infrabel has led an awareness-raising campaign around safety measures at railway crossings, in cooperation with the police and with ASO, the company organising the Tour. The action took place from 2:00pm as the peloton crossed Morlanwelz. Infrabel took advantage of the presence in Wallonia of the peloton and the fleet following the Tour de France to advertise the campaign on respecting safety rules at railway crossings launched on Sunday.

According to Infrabel, 47 accidents including 11 deadly accidents were registered at railway crossings in Belgium in 2014. “The aim of this action is to use the presence of cyclists to promote the message of our campaign launched on Sunday , and which sees our champions warning people of the dangers they face at railway crossings,” points out Frederic Petit, Infrabel spokesperson. “Everything went smoothly when the Tour de France went by. We had prepared the event with the police force and ASO to limit train delays as much as possible. Spectators present at the railway crossing in Morlanwelz were able to watch our ad promoting this campaign: 4 trains were delayed by approximately 10 minutes in nearby stations to allow cyclist to cross the tracks safely.”

(Source: Belga)  

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