Iran capable of unlimited uranium enrichment

Iran capable of unlimited uranium enrichment

The Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) claims it is capable of enriching uranium to an unlimited level. 

Highly enriched uranium is necessary for the construction of nuclear weapons. 

“Once political leaders have given the green light, the AEOI can enrich uranium to an unlimited level,” the vice-president of the agency said earlier in the week, quoted by the IRNA press agency. 

Ali Asghar Zarean said the country is working on a new generation of centrifuges which could considerably accelerate the uranium enrichment process. Apparently, the Iranian agency has been testing these new machines for a while. 

President Hassan Rohani said the Iranian nuclear program was “more advanced” than it was back when the agreement was signed in Vienna in 2015 and is now much better at enriching uranium.

Rohani did, however, disregard a complete withdrawal from the agreement on Iranian nuclear power.  

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