2 seal pups washed up on coast

2 seal pups washed up on coast

Blankenberge Sea Life rescue team were called out twice on Sunday to rescue baby seals that had been found stranded on the coast, reported Sea Life on Monday morning. One of them, a young, 11kg male was found on Koksijde beach suffering from a fever, a tongue injury and several infections. The second was a 9kg female beached on the coast in Duinbergen. Like the male, it was feverish and suffering from various infections and was also dehydrated. This young female is the smallest pup currently being treated by Sea Life seal clinic.

“Over the past few years, mother seals have not been able to supply enough milk to feed their babies because of damage to the environment,” explains vet John Van Gompel.

Sea Life is currently treating four baby seals. They generally stay in the clinic for 3-4 months before being released into the wild.

(Source: Belga) 

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