The police is constantly looking for ways to improve communication, contact and cooperation with citizens by maintaining good relationships. As a part of this ...
Jul, 27
Three ways G20 countries can set an example ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit

In the recently adopted Matera Declaration, the world’s largest economies committed to addressing global food security and nutrition. But as the latest Food Sustainability Index (FSI) shows, this effort must begin at home. A new assessment of the G20, which includes among others the UK, the US, France and Italy, found room for improvement on food sustainability not […]

Tuesday, 27, July 2021
New environmental movements are failing, how can we fix this?

New Environmental Movements have recently emerged on the political scene. Mainly, these initiatives can be split in three groups: transnational networks for environmental advocacy; regional actions for the defence of delineated geographic areas and, finally, citizen initiatives on specific environmental questions. Even though many of these movements are still fairly recent, enough time has passed […]

Monday, 26, July 2021
The EU’s latest climate plan is bold, but it still faces huge hurdles

There was a feeling of déjà vu as the Commission unveiled its enormous climate and energy package on July 14. The ink on the previous 2030-agreement had barely dried as the Commissioners presented another set of regulations for 2030. But this one named ‘Fit for 55’, goes much, much further. What does the new package […]

Friday, 23, July 2021
Philosophers should also have accompanied us in the handling of the pandemic

Conventional wisdom: it is nihilism that leads to a crisis, not the other way round. Remember all the reproaches about our pre-pandemic habits – a lack of will to build more hospitals, a general carelessness toward the environment, an economic system run on foundations doomed to crumble. To declare a state of emergency is not […]

Monday, 19, July 2021
Will the Tokyo Olympics be successful behind closed doors?

It was 2012 when Shinzo Abe embarked on his journey as Prime Minister of Japan. Among the first directives of the Japanese Prime Minister was the Olympic dream: to defeat the favourites Istanbul and Madrid and declare Tokyo as host city for the 2020 Games. Right from the start, the prediction of Japan’s victory fuelled […]

Friday, 16, July 2021
Time for the EU to get real on buildings

The EU’s Fit for 55 proposals offer a bold new step in addressing the role of buildings in the fight against climate change. However, the EU will continue to waste energy and money unless policy and incentives move towards a focus on real performance and measured CO2 savings. Without such a move, the EU may create […]

Thursday, 15, July 2021