With the exception of South Africa where the country has a fairly developed formal retail sector, all the other African countries have a relatively ...
Nov, 27
Covid-19 immunity can help guide pandemic management

Recent scientific work shows that people who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 have acquired immunity which lasts for at least nine months. In other words, for a relatively long period of time, we can’t become ill with COVID-19 twice. This important and most welcome news will have significant consequences. According to official statistics on November 27: […]

Friday, 27, November 2020
Violence against women is not just a buzzword

On November 25th the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is celebrated, in memory of the three sisters Mirabal, “Las Mariposas” (the butterflies), their nickname. In 1960, they were kidnapped and murdered by the secret service agents of the dictator Rafael Trujillo (1930-1961), President of the Dominican Republic. The members of the […]

Thursday, 26, November 2020
30 years after Covid will the EU still exist?

A question I ask myself more and more is would I like to live in the future or the past? Typically as an economist I would like to see the future but more often I would choose the past which I know more of. But we cannot live in the past, that is why with […]

Thursday, 26, November 2020
Pragmatism should be the dogma, not capitalism or socialism

There has always existed a tension between progressive (leftist/socialist) and conservative (rightist/capitalist) political thinking types. Rightists are typically more in favour of pro-business policies while leftists are traditionally more concerned about the distribution of the wealth. Concerning civil liberties and rights, conservatives are nowadays closer to religious beliefs, while progressives are more in favour of […]

Thursday, 26, November 2020
India’s foreign policy risks destabilizing the region

India, the largest country in South Asia, once carried the mantle of anchoring peace and development in the region. It has gone exactly in reverse. The reason interestingly has not been a conscious departure from the Nehruvian secularism but a slow caving in to the atavistic tribal notions, rooted in a mythical past and its […]

Thursday, 26, November 2020
Biden’s historic flip in Georgia shows Black votes matter

With Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp certifying the election last week, the biggest upset of the 2020 Presidential election was set in place with President-elect Joe Biden’s historic flip of the once reliably red Georgia to blue. What’s more, both the Georgia Senate races will go into a runoff election in early January with all […]

Wednesday, 25, November 2020