Has the Covid-19 pandemic stalled the momentum to take bold action on climate? Just a few months ago, climate change dominated the conversation and was at the ...
Jul, 02
Headscarf ban: Belgian Muslim women are resisting in order to free themselves

On 4 June this year, the Belgian Constitutional Court authorised the banning of the Islamic headscarf in the Haute Ecole and all other visible religious, political and philosophical signs. In the wake of this, the city of Brussels welcomes such a decision, which is both infantile and liberticidal. It would seem that for nearly twenty […]

Wednesday, 01, July 2020
The EU must stop punching below its weight

The turmoil that Covid-19 has brought us into has also shed some light on the many flaws of our current political and economical system. Amongst all of them, one of the most crucial ones is perhaps the fact there is no leader to help the world navigate the storm. And as The Economist’s cartoonist “KAL” recently […]

Tuesday, 30, June 2020
For Europe, COVID-19 and obesity represent a tale of two pandemics

As the European Union grapples with the long-term impact of COVID-19, there is a growing realisation that another epidemic – the obesity crisis – is equally catastrophic for public health. Amid the speculation over how best to handle COVID-19, a clear finding has emerged: obesity and related conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes, are adversely affecting health […]

Friday, 26, June 2020
Boris Johnson’s failed leadership: How Britain went from farce to tragedy

A leader’s record or footprint in history is so incredibly dependent on the successor they have the luck or misfortune to precede. We may sneer at those who are superstitious enough to believe that to state out loud “things cannot possible get any worse” is to carelessly tempt fate, but for Prime Ministers with any […]

Wednesday, 24, June 2020
EU-China partnership now more important than ever

Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world severely that caused almost ten million people infected and several hundred thousand lives loss. It also dragged the world economy into a deep recession by 3.2 to 5.2%. Europe has already suffered the most compared to many other regions in terms of economic recession and loss of lives. China […]

Tuesday, 23, June 2020
Long way to go for gay rights in Europe

Father’s Day morning 2019, a five million strong community were celebrating WorldPride on the streets of New York and the jubilee of the Stonewall Riots. Instead of being among the festivities, my husband and I were behind closed doors, doing something the LBTGQ rights movement could not even dream of until recently, we became fathers. […]

Sunday, 21, June 2020