Between January and May 2019, Youth for Climate organised weekly strikes for the climate in several Belgian cities. Tens of thousands of youth took to the ...
Sep, 20
Dominance of the U.S. dollar is set to continue

At the recent Jackson Hole economic symposium, the Bank of England’s governor Mark Carney voiced his challenges with the U.S. dollar’s dominance. He believes that the world’s system of relying on the dollar is unsustainable and that the “multi-polar global economy requires a new IMFS (international monetary and financial system)”. On shaky footing  The annual […]

Monday, 16, September 2019
For the planet to survive, lifestyles must change

About ten to fifteen years ago, scientists and environmentalists thought that disbelief in global warming, whether it was denial or ignorance, was a huge threat to the planet. Tragically enough, however, today, such disbelief no longer matters because climate change itself is threatening our very existence. Effects of global warming Statistics show that it is […]

Sunday, 15, September 2019
Ghent’s Holocaust memorial must be better respected

As I walk from Gent-Sint-Pieters station to my apartment in the centre of the city, I am presented with the same sorry sight nearly every day, as I reach Lindenlei street. On the right is a small park and what I initially believed was some type of memorial, though I did not at first know […]

Wednesday, 11, September 2019
Hong Kong protests need representation before any meaningful dialogue can take place

As protests in Hong Kong show no signs of dying down, maintaining the status quo in the hope that the protesters will suffer from fatigue and the protests will naturally die down seems increasingly unlikely. Stakeholders and observers alike have been scrambling for a solution that might see the city move forward from its current […]

Wednesday, 11, September 2019
The EU needs to learn from history and avoid punishing the UK too harshly for Brexit

From an American perspective, the EU’s attitude towards the UK is a sad commentary on the state of government throughout Europe. The EU has gone too far  The EU’s commonality of interests is easily discernable, but the conflicts are easily understood. The EU was a great idea, and still is; it has just been allowed to […]

Tuesday, 10, September 2019
Co-working spaces are better for your startup than traditional offices

The nine-to-five work schedule isn’t for everyone, and neither is working in a cubicle all day every day. Coworking provides your startup with the choice of where and when you’d like to work. Alone and eyeing a seat by the window? Take it while it’s vacant! With your whole team and need a room all […]

Thursday, 05, September 2019