The EU must include a solidarity clause for political attacks from illiberal parties in its next treaty.In Rocky 4, the film’s eponymic hero begins the ...
Oct, 17
The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us

And Europe and Huawei can lead the way together, writes Abraham Liu. Abraham Liu is Huawei’s Chief Representative to the European Institutions and the President of its European Public Affairs and Communication Office. Huawei has been a trusted partner in Europe for over 18 years now. It is one of our most important markets. But […]

Wednesday, 16, October 2019
India trade deal with EU hits roadblock over investor protection

News that the United States and India are close to finalizing details of a partial trade deal has given a boost to the previously moribund negotiations between the two nations, as concessions that allow for the shipment of more goods and the reduction of import duties on contentious items have reportedly been settled. Hopes for a breakthrough […]

Tuesday, 15, October 2019
Western social movements need new public forums, if they want to succeed

A series of social movements have been taking place across the Western world, with the Yellow Jackets in France being one of the most recent examples. Analyses are often too quick to attribute these movements’ inability to bring about real social changes to their failure to create a sustainable form of organisation, to their inability […]

Monday, 14, October 2019
Europeans should care more about the plight of the Kashmiris

To ignore the plight of the innocent and voiceless people of Jammu and Kashmir is not just plain ignorance, it is inhumane and barbaric. Just over seven decades ago the Indian subcontinent gained independence from British rule. Kashmir, however, has remained a disputed territory between neighbours and arch-rivals India and Pakistan. It has repeatedly been […]

Friday, 11, October 2019
Kazakhstan on the right path to strengthen its civil society

Europe’s largest annual human rights conference was held in Warsaw, Poland during 16-27 September. This year the event brought together 57 OSCE participating states, hundreds of international experts, civil society representatives and human rights activists to take stock of how states fulfil their obligations on human rights and fundamental freedoms. The latest civil society challenges […]

Thursday, 10, October 2019
Indonesian inaction forces EU’s hand with regard to palm oil forest fires

When Indonesia burns, ASEAN chokes – and palm oil and paper production appear to be the chief culprits. After two years of relative freedom from smog, this year’s fires – 80% of which were intentionally started by palm oil and pulpwood plantation owners to clear the way for new crops, according to officials – have reignited concerns. […]

Tuesday, 08, October 2019