With the next few months set to be dominated by unseemly haggling over top EU jobs, starting with the presidency of the European Commission, it may feel like ...
Jun, 07
It’s the national politics, stupid

One could say the campaigns in the European Parliament elections, which are taking place this week on 23 – 26 May, have been one of the most European so far, based on the amount of attention that has been given in media, both national and European. A video by the European Parliament to promote the […]

Thursday, 23, May 2019
Animal welfare, a favourite issue for many politicians but forgotten after elections 

With the EU elections this week, we are witnessing a plethora of references to animals in speeches and political debates. Making commitments to the electorate always comes easy before key election dates. History though shows that voters better take such promises with a grain of salt. During the 2014-2019 term, many MEPs voted against files […]

Wednesday, 22, May 2019
Vote for 5G: securing the legacy of Robert Schuman

As in 1950, Europe today is again facing the choice of being bold and forward-looking on its future, writes Abraham Liu, Huawei’s Chief Representative to the EU institutions.

Thursday, 09, May 2019
Fake news has taken hold in Europe: it’s time for the EU to act

It’s become a truism to accuse Russia for the spread of fake news around the world; the Kremlin has been accused of interfering in both the 2016 US Presidential election and the Brexit referendum, as well as countless other instances of propagandized meddling.

Wednesday, 01, May 2019
The architectural destruction of Brussels: Incompetent decision-making and the rise of ‘Brusselization’

A picture of a horribly renovated house in Brussels recently went viral on social media. Nothing spectacular, one might think. Each day numerous pictures go viral, but the next day they are forgotten. This one however, continued to linger in my mind, as it tells the story of more than just one house. It is […]

Thursday, 25, April 2019
Tackling climate change: Citizens vote increasingly green but politicians slow on meaningful action

Greta Thunberg is an unlikely instigator of a global social movement. The then-15-year-old schoolgirl who started a lone “school strike for climate” outside the Swedish parliament last August suffers from Asperger syndrome – a form of autism that makes social relationships and communication difficult – obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and selective mutism, a severe anxiety disorder […]

Thursday, 04, April 2019