Less than 5km from the Schuman roundabout, a Red Cross centre provides several hundred migrants and asylum seekers every day with food, shelter and washing ...
Oct, 19
Time for EU to mediate in identity dispute between Bulgaria and North Macedonia

The recent EU-WB summit hosted by the Slovenian EU presidency did not result in the expected breakthrough in the enlargement process because Albania and North Macedonia are held hostages to a strange dispute which was sparked by Bulgaria in late 2020. Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU in 2007, after the big bang in 2004 […]

Sunday, 17, October 2021
Projection and idealisation: Why dating apps affect intimate relationships

It is well known that dating apps are more and more common in our society, especially amongst younger people. But do we really know how these apps affect us? Dating apps mostly operate according to the same principles as gambling devices. Our brains are stimulated by dopamine when we anticipate reward – more so than […]

Thursday, 14, October 2021
Brussels’ climate march and the EU Green Deal

Last Sunday, the weather was quite pleasant and I decided to go for a walk in Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels. It took me by surprise to see loads of people marching across the park. I curiously looked at the banners they were carrying and realized that it was a climate march. The circumstances of […]

Thursday, 14, October 2021
A digital gavel in our back pocket

Spare all passing glances the need to really get to know us, for the mark we have been given is sufficient proof of our ignoble intentions. Today’s cancel culture constitutes a powerful social phenomenon or attitude whereby people not only choose not to participate in the patronage of a particular individual or group, but find […]

Wednesday, 13, October 2021
Religiosity is inversely proportional to prosperity

In Latin America, the region where I am from, religion is pervasive. A large percentage of the population will regularly use expressions such as “thank god” or “if it’s god’s will”. They’ll also typically add “benedictions” after saying goodbye. When things go right there’s no doubt, it’s “thanks to god”. And when things go wrong […]

Monday, 11, October 2021
Living in a disillusioned democracy

The technological revolution we are currently undergoing has completely destabilized society via censorship and identity politics. This destabilization has turned our western world’s beloved notion of democracy, freedom, and rationality into a disillusioned dream. We have traded comfort and ‘safety’ for freedom, and swapped out rational thought for instant dopamine surges. As a result, we […]

Thursday, 07, October 2021