As Lebanon’s biggest trade partner, the EU has harbored concerns for decades over the country’s failure to crack down on widespread corruption and stabilize ...
Dec, 09
Farewell, Oostende: On Stefan Zweig and the Destruction of Europe

On 23 February 1942, Stefan Zweig sat down at his desk in Petrópolis, Brazil to write a goodbye letter, bearing the simple title “declaração.” In light of the self-destruction of his “spiritual homeland, Europe,” Zweig wrote, his powers had been “expended after years of wandering homeless.” He wished that his friends may “live to see […]

Friday, 06, December 2019
The Fuel of a Revolution

Faced with crippling international sanctions, revenue shortfalls and budget deficits, the Islamic regime in Iran seems to have made a fatal miscalculation by suddenly tripling the price of gasoline, a move which appears to put an entire region in flames. Frustrated by worsening economic conditions, soaring prices and devastating national currency devaluation, Iranians from across […]

Friday, 06, December 2019
On the train to COP25: a public transport journey

The International Association of Public Transport advocates for public transport at every turn, and as Secretary-General of the International Association of Public Transport, I’m walking the talk- by taking the train all the way to COP25 in Madrid. Yesterday, on Tuesday, 3 December, I boarded a train from Paris, bound for Madrid and the global […]

Thursday, 05, December 2019
Protests in Iran: The EU must stand for freedom and democracy

Since last month, a new wave of protests have started in the Middle East. Firstly, Iraqis were fed up with their corrupt government and demonstrated for a few weeks to take the government down. The president of Iraq, Barham Salih, asked the prime minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, to resign. As long as the Iraqi government is […]

Thursday, 05, December 2019
Cambridge Analytica and the folly of Big Data

When the documentary ‘The Great Hack’ premiered at the Sundance film festival in January of 2019, the news headlines and reviews echoed the film’s sensationalism, pointing towards a high profile mass-manipulation of the highest order. The belaboured premise being that Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm based in England and owned by Trump donor Robert […]

Thursday, 05, December 2019
The rise of the German far-right has its legacy in misguided decisions made during reunification

The far-right Alternative for Germany party celebrated another strong showing in the former Communist East in local elections. The rise of fringe parties in the east does not come as a surprise to anybody who saw how Eastern Germany was handled by Chancellor Helmut Kohl in the beginning of the 1990s. This October the party […]

Thursday, 21, November 2019