It is with great concern that we are following the situation in Hungary and their latest Covid-19 measures. On Monday 30 March, the Hungarian Parliament ...
Apr, 04
So, what happens to football in Belgium?

In times like these, football is totally unimportant. Though, for some of us, as Italian manager Arrigo Sacchi once said, the game is the most important of the unimportant things. So, what happens now? What does Covid-19 mean for Belgian football? This weekend our concrete cathedrals of sport were eerily empty; we could only imagine […]

Tuesday, 31, March 2020
Why Africa urgently needs an Ubuntu Plan

Africa urgently needs a globally coordinated Ubuntu Plan in response to COVID-19, a fiscal stimulus that recognises our shared and connected humanity, as we find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. The plan is named after an African word and approach which literally means “being self through others”. The world’s largest cities are eerily silent. […]

Monday, 30, March 2020
The European Union is failing its largest ethnic minority in times of Coronavirus crisis

In many of the Eastern Members States of the European Union, Roma are made the scapegoat for the spread of the virus, as an excuse of some politicians for their lack of proper management to contain the virus and keep people safe from infection. The pandemic has brought out the worst part of our modern society’s […]

Sunday, 29, March 2020
To fight the pandemic, put trust and cooperation before politics

This spring is never going to be the same again. The explosive spread of COVID-19 caught the world by surprise, and it couldn’t show more clearly just how closely connected we are. As the pandemic looms large, China and the EU stand together in solidarity. A friend in need is a friend indeed. When China’s […]

Thursday, 26, March 2020
How populists are wasting valuable time in the corona crisis

Denial, playing down the facts, playing the blame game – the familiar pattern of populist politics keeps rolling despite the corona crisis. But the virus won’t be halted by such antics and long-neglected healthcare systems look set to feel its force. A pandemic, as we have learned in these last days and weeks of the […]

Thursday, 26, March 2020
COVID-19: The nuclear bomb pandemic

French President Emmanuel Macron has spoken of the country being “at war” against the invisible enemy coronavirus. The whole world is fighting an unprecedented struggle against this shared enemy, which is ravaging humanity. The effects of this war can be compared with those of a nuclear bomb. Already, 20,000 people have died worldwide and the total […]

Thursday, 26, March 2020