'Western countries want a quick solution for Kosovo,' says Serbian president

'Western countries want a quick solution for Kosovo,' says Serbian president
Credit: Guelland/ MSC Creative Commons

Western powers have urged Serbia to quickly reach an agreement on Kosovo, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced this today.

"The representatives of the most powerful European countries,  believe that, in the context of the war already raging in Europe, there is no need for a new conflict and that it is important to find a solution regarding Kosovo as soon as possible,” said Vucic.

The diplomatic representatives of France and Germany have presented Serbia “a new framework for talks,” Vucic continued, while also claiming they have the backing of the United States and Turkey for the new plan.

"This agreement would not mean the recognition of Kosovo, but it would be the recognition of everything they (the West) consider to be reality," the Serbian president concluded.

Back in August when Vucic met the NATO General-Secretary, the two leaders discussed the tensions in Northern Kosovo with Stoltenberg calling on all sides “to show restraint and to avoid violence.”

Kosovo split from Serbia in 2008, a decade after a war that cost 13,000 lives, mostly Kosovar Albanians.

About 100 countries have recognised Kosovo’s independence, but Serbia has not.

Also, the approximately 120,000 Serbs in Kosovo, a third of whom live in the north, refuse to recognise Pristina’s authority and remain loyal to Belgrade.

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