Zelensky 'grateful' to Belgium for additional military equipment

Zelensky 'grateful' to Belgium for additional military equipment

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday that he was “grateful” for the Belgian government’s decision to provide additional military equipment to his country.

"Grateful to Alexander De Croo for the decision of the Belgian government to greatly increase defence support for Ukraine," Zelensky stated on Twitter.

"A new €92 million aid package will strengthen our air defence, help deter enemy tanks and improve the mobility of our defenders to liberate Ukrainian land. Thank you, friends!," he added.

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Belgium's federal government announced on Friday that it would supply additional military equipment worth €92 million to Ukraine, including anti-aircraft missiles and machine guns, along with vehicles.

The total value of all Belgian military aid delivered or pledged to Ukraine now stands at €223.4 million.

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