Eight paracyclists to represent Belgium in European Championships

Eight paracyclists to represent Belgium in European Championships
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Eight Belgian athletes will compete at the second UEC Paracycling European Championships on 25-29 May in Austria. The athletes include six riders and two pilots.

Ewoud Vromant also planned to compete but has fallen ill and will not be able to take part in the competition, according to the Paralympic Team Belgium press release.

The athletes will compete in four different categories:

  • Maxime Hordies will compete in the handbike division.
  • Tim Celen will compete in the tricycle division.
  • Griet Hoet will compete with Anneleen Monsieur as a pilot in the tandem bike division. Milan Thomas and pilot Jonas Goeman will also compete in this division.
  • Louis Clincke and Niels Vershaeren will be participating in the cycling division. Ewoud Vromant also usually competes in this category.

With the conclusion of the second round of the World Cup circuit on 15 May, Maxime Hordies and Tim Celen lead the way in their categories. Hoet-Monsieur, Thomas-Goeman, Ewoud Vromant and Louis Clincke have all already brought at least one medal to Belgium.

Rehearsal for World Championships

Remko Meeusen, coach and Head of Mission of the Belgian team in Austria, stated that the real stakes lay at the World Championships this summer, 11-14 August. The team will use this competition in Austria as a way to prepare for August.

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“In view of the two opening competitions of the season, I think that everyone has a chance to shine,” Meeusen said. “The courses are difficult, hilly and technical, which will give a particular dimension to the race.”

Each category consists of two events — a time trial and a road race. The reward for the winner of each event is a 'starred champion jersey'.

To see the full programme of competitions for the Belgian athletes click here.

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