Smarter humans: Inventor of mobile phone predicts devices inside humans

Smarter humans: Inventor of mobile phone predicts devices inside humans
Credit: Belga / Nicolas Maeterlinck

In a surprising statement issued recently, Martin Cooper, the man considered the inventor of the mobile phone, predicts that smartphones as we know them will disappear and will be replaced by implants directly integrated into the body of users, reports Geeko.

The 94-year-old, the first person to make a call on a mobile phone in 1973, told CNBC that future smartphones will be powered by the energy that the user’s body naturally produces.

"The human body is the charging station, isn't it? You ingest food, you create energy,” he told the US broadcaster. “Why not have this ear receptor built under your skin, powered by your body?”

He continued by saying that future smartphones will be "distributed all over your body" like sensors "measuring your health at all times".

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Cooper bases his prediction in part on technological innovations that have already taken place. At the Consumer Technology Association (CES) 2023 annual conference held recently in Las Vegas, HealthTech group Baracoda showcased B-Heart, a health tracker that is powered by user movement, body heat, and ambient light which needs no connection to an electrical outlet. While B-Heart is a bracelet and not a smartphone, the innovation behind it indicates that more complex electronic devices powered by the human body may well emerge in the future.

More broadly, big tech companies are actively thinking about how our electronic devices will evolve. Neuralink, Elon Musk's company, recently announced that it has made a computer brain implant. The goal of the company is to allow people to control equipment remotely simply by thought, a goal driven by the need to help people who are paralysed or those who suffer from neurological disorders.

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