'Unable to correct errors': New complaint lodged against ChatGPT

'Unable to correct errors': New complaint lodged against ChatGPT
Credit: Belga

The Austrian privacy protection association 'None of your business' (NOYB) announced that it had filed a complaint in Austria against the star-generative artificial intelligence (AI) program on Monday.

The ChatGPT tool "regularly makes up answers," NOYB stressed in a press release. When, for example, the association asked the tool about the date of birth of its founder, Max Schrems, the chat agent "systematically gave false information" rather than acknowledging that it did not know.

"If a system cannot provide correct and transparent results, it cannot be used to generate data on individuals. Technology must comply with the law, not the other way around," insisted lawyer Maartje de Graa in the press release.

This is quite simply "unacceptable," according to NOYB, which noted that the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stipulates the obligation of accuracy.

Furthermore, OpenAI – the firm that launched the generative AI platform in November 2022 – "refused the plaintiff's request to correct or erase the error, claiming it was impossible," thus underscoring de-learning of AI as a critical issue.

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The company has also neglected to respond to the request for access to pertinent information and data sources, thereby once again violating the law.

In its complaint, the non-profit, which since its creation in 2018 has become the bête noire of the tech giants, is asking the Austrian Data Protection Authority to open an investigation and impose a fine on the Californian company.

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