Parents of missing Natacha return to Peru to search for their daughter

Parents of missing Natacha return to Peru to search for their daughter
Natacha de Crombrugghe had been missing in Peru since the end of January. Credit: Facebook

The parents of Natacha de Crombrugghe, the young woman who disappeared in Peru two months ago, will soon return to the country for the second time to look for their daughter.

Natacha de Crombrugghe (28) disappeared on 23 January in Cabanaconde, a small town more than 3,500 metres above sea level in the Peruvian Andes. Since then, there has been no trace of her.

Her parents, Eric and Sabine, already travelled to Peru between 6 and 26 February to follow the search for their daughter, but returned without a positive result. Next week, they are going back again, they said in an interview with Le Soir.

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"We cannot resume our lives here, neither professionally nor socially. We have only one obsession," her mother said. "The only thing we can think about is hearing from Natacha, and doing everything we can to find her. We will be much more useful there than here."

The police are looking into three possible theories. A witness says that he met Natacha just before a landslide, meaning she may have been fallen and gotten caught in it.

The police also do not exclude the possibility that Natacha fell into the Colca River. A third possibility, namely that Natacha fell victim to criminals, is also still on the table.

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